Workshop Details

2 ProComm Ltd. Consultants
Maximum 8 Participants

The program features live, virtual instruction and is conducted in two engaging, highly-interactive segments:

  • Morning: 150-minute Group session focused on virtual delivery skills, effective content organization, and creating audience interaction
  • Afternoon: 150-minute Skill Practice and Application session where each participant will conduct a 5-7 minute presentation and receive expert coaching.

The program includes:

  • Live, virtual instruction by two ProComm Ltd expert consultants
  • Participant breakout sessions for delivery practice and peer interaction
  • Interaction through Zoom functionality (including polls, chat responses, annotations)
  • Video-recorded practice presentation to create self-awareness and identify competency and development focus


  • Professional coaching feedback
  • Action Plan for next steps
  • Participant e-handout for prework and reinforcement

Private Coaching:

Private coaching sessions are also available for a deeper dive into skill refinement with video-recorded exercises and feedback. Our executive consultants will help the participant identify strengths and opportunities to hone key skills. They will also give specific feedback on how to increase impact and establish an action plan to support ongoing practice.

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Virtual Power Skills

Improve virtual communication and reduce the virtual distance in teams through collaboration to drive results.

Transitioning from in-person meetings to virtual meetings can have specific communication challenges. Are your meetings productive with clear objectives? Are you using your voice to keep your listeners engaged? Do you know the tools that will help in getting your listeners to participate in the meeting?

In this program you will acquire tools to ensure your messages are influencing your listeners to action. Learn how to leverage and hone your delivery skills to drive listener involvement and encourage participation using tools like whiteboard and chat.

In ProComm’s Virtual Power Skills program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the challenges of communicating virtually using delivery skills and technical tools to keep listeners involved
  • Project confidence, credibility, and engage the listener in the virtual environment
  • Create and set context for your meetings that are listener-driven using The Message Planner®
  • Maximize vocal effectiveness through articulation, inflection, tone
  • Incorporate questions to solicit ideas and increase impact