Workshop Details


  • Comprehensive Executive Presence Report
  • User’s Guide to analyze and summarize report findings
  • 1 half-hour Orientation call and a 1-hour Insights call with a certified coach
  • Developmental Summary Worksheet/Action Plan
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Executive Presence Assessment and Coaching

Executive presence is a hot topic these days, and for good reason. It’s an essential leadership  quality that impacts career advancement and achievement. Recent studies show that executive presence can be measured, developed, and honed through expert feedback and practice.

The ability to inspire and influence others is rooted in depth of character and personal experience but must be effectively expressed through style””the way in which we “show up” and interact with others. When it comes to these traits, perception is everything. Understanding how you are perceived is the first step towards developing and refining executive presence.

The “Executive Presence Assessment and Coaching” program helps you measure and develop the factors that shape executive presence. Here’s how it works:

  • First, you’ll work with a certified coach to complete a data-based assessment tool that measures executive presence through an online form filled out by individuals that you select.
  • Next, you and your coach will review the findings in light of your current business context, identifying areas of improvement most critical to your success.
  • Third, with the help of your coach you’ll develop an action plan, identifying specific strategies that will allow you to close the gap between intention and perception.

Options for follow up training include:

  • Extended (3-6 month) executive presence coaching
  • Half-day team coaching workshops
  • One- or two-day small-group workshops focused on executive-level communication skills training – ProComm Ltd.’s Executive-Level Present with Confidence