Workshop Details

2-Day Workshop
2 Consultants
Maximum 12 Participants

  • Dos and Don’ts of Adult Learning
  • Developing Effective Delivery Skills
  • Managing Group Behavior
  • Organizing Content with The “Message Planner”
  • Interactive Use of Training Materials and Visual Aids
  • Role-Play Scenarios
  • Video-Recorded Exercises
  • 3 Private Coachings
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Training With Confidence

ProComm Ltd.’s Training with Confidence Program, was designed with the philosophy that learning should be fun as well as effective. This program will enable trainers to be more focused, more interactive and more creative when conducting their training sessions.

Your trainers will learn to:

  • Establish a productive, adult learning climate
  • Hone their delivery skills to become more effective in front of larger audiences
  • Create and deliver clear and memorable openings and closings to their programs
  • Give instructions effectively to their learners
  • Involve their participants through the use of questions and interactive learning activities
  • Manage course time, difficult participants and situations in an effective manner
  • Diagnose their own strengths and weaknesses as trainers and create a plan for continued self-development