Workshop Details

1-Day Workshop

2 Consultants

Maximum 8 Participants

Participants will learn how to:

  • Identify and implement effective
    delivery skills for facilitating high-stakes
    meetings in both 1:1 and small group settings
  • Manage group behaviors to
    involve everyone, handle distractions
    and disruptions,and keep meetings
    focused and on-track.
  • Use questions strategically and hone
    listening skills to capture key insights
    and understand customer perspectives.
  • Ask questions to uncover key insights
    (open/closed, probing, clarifying)
  • Use active listening to identify barriers
    and involve everyone

The program includes:

  • 5 Video-Recorded Exercises
  • 2 Private Coachings
  • In-room coaching
  • Memory card of individual recordings
  • Facilitate with Confidence booklet
  • Coaching Feedback Sheets with
    action plan for next steps
  • Message Planner Organizational Tool
    for setting context
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Facilitate with Confidence

Facilitating high stakes meetings requires effective delivery skills, excellent listening skills, and verbal and nonverbal communication skills to manage group behaviors, keep meetings focused and on-track.

In Facilitate with Confidence, your facilitators will learn how to:

  • Use effective delivery skills to foster trust, credibility and engagement
  • Identify a group’s knowledge level, needs, and concerns
  • Handle challenging questions and interactions
  • Use strategic questions and active listening to facilitate productive group discussions

The ProComm Ltd. executive consultants help the participants identify and demonstrate effective delivery skills, verbal and non-verbal communications skills, how to manage group behavior, and use questions strategically.

Successful people learn by doing and seeing how others perceive them. This course utilizes a highly participatory format which accelerates learning while at the same time creates a fun and supportive environment for the participants.