Workshop Details

  • Behavioral Communication Skills
  • Impromptu Speaking Skills
  • Involving Your Audience
  • Creation & Use of Visual Aids
  • Developing and Organizing Content
  • Handling Challenging Questions
  • Identification and Enhancement of
    Your Personal Style
  • Extensive Use of Video Feedback
  • Humanizing Your Message
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Private Consultations

As a business professional, you know the importance of preparation for any communication situation. But, because of your busy schedule, preparation time may be limited. Communicating with confidence is a leadership skill. Being able to motivate, persuade or inspire others to action is what business is all about. Whether you have an upcoming high-stakes presentation, need to communicate a strategic initiative throughout your company, or be effective in one-on-ones with your associates, Private Coaching is designed to meet your specific needs.

Focus areas include content development and organization, handling challenging questions and working on your delivery skills using video feedback. The half-day or one-day consultation is tailored to your specific needs. One of our executive consultants will meet with you to work on a specific communication situation integrating your personal style in the areas of Content Organization, Delivery Skill Enhancement and Effective Interaction with your listeners.

The consultation can be held virtually using the Zoom platform or at your offices. For more information on private sessions and how we can customize a series and location to your needs, please contact us.