• How to Run a Virtual Meeting

    Virtual meetings are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They put a group of people in far-flung locations into what seems like the same room. This is a major boost to communication, especially if you are using video, since it allows people to see each other. The umbrella term “body language” covers

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  • The Power of Your Words

    “There are two ways to speak the truth: as bullets or as seeds. Use the truth as a bullet, and you will kill relationships. Plant the truth as a seed, and it will take root and grow, influencing the person in whose heart it was planted.” ~ Gary Chapman Inspirational and influential communication happens when

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  • From Intention to Action To Results in 2018

    From Intention to Action To Results in 2018 A new year inspires us to review our habits and spend time planning the year ahead. We make resolutions, and set intentions, but that’s only the first step. An action plan needs to follow. Are you inspired to move your listener to action, to be engaging and

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