Workshop Details

2-Day Workshop
2 Consultants
10 Participants (maximum)
10 Video-Recorded Exercises
3 Private Coachings
A 1-day version of the program is available

The program includes:

  • Achieving Executive Presence
  • Message Development
  • Media choices (digital, voice, or face-to-face)
  • Communicating Difficult Messages Effectively
  • Handling Challenges and Resistance
  • Role-play Scenarios
  • Video recording and feedback
  • Private Coaching

Present with Confidence

Communication is the backbone of leadership, the foundation on which all other leadership skills are based. A leader must project a sense of confidence and control in the way they convey information, communicate initiatives, speak about change, delegate responsibility or give feedback. Management is a job function; leadership is the ability to influence the performance of others.

Whether you are a CEO, VP of sales, director of IT, marketing manager or supervisor, leadership is demonstrated by results, and results are achieved by persuasive communication.

In Executive Level Present with Confidence you will learn how to:

  • Develop executive presence
  • Identify and implement leadership communication best practices
  • Organize messages that motivate and influence both internal and external audiences
  • Handle resistance and achieve buy-in
  • Deliver a negative message effectively
  • Match the media to the message (digital, voice, or face-to-face)